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5 websites to help you crush your tech interview.

It would not be a surprise to say that one of the biggest nightmares for junior developers is the technical interview. Besides all the pressure that the hiring process already has, the candidates must deal with technical question or algorithmics challenges – which I personally have a love and hate relationship with it.

If it seems not hard enough for you, most of the time, we do not know what to expect. The interview can be a few questions about your stack, 90 minutes of an algorithmic challenge or even a complete surprise.


WAIT! Don’t give up yet!!! The best way to overcome this situation is to feel comfortable with the language you are working with and practice a lot.

In this article, I will show the best websites that you can use to train your logical thought and the capacity to solve algorithmic challenges.

  1. Codewars
  2. This is one of the most popular websites in the development community. You start with the level 8kyu, and as you progress through the obstacles, you level up and gain more points in the rank.

    You can choose the language that you prefer and what kind of exercise you are more into it. Besides that, you can create clans and be allies with other code warriors.

    The Codewars community is enormous, and they create the content for the webpage, which make it almost impossible to finish all the challenges available. Besides that, when you finish – or not – the challenge you can sneak a peek other answers and give your feedback about it.

    The best thing about Codewar is that they use TDD to test your code, which makes it more complicate but assures that your code will work in any possible scenarios.
  3. HackerRank
  4. This one is more focus on the market, if you have an interview a few days from now, this is the right website for you.

    There you can choose which skill you want to improve and what language you are most comfortable with. Besides that, there is an interview preparation kit with 14 different abilities to promote – such as Arrays, string manipulation, search...

    The website shows the percentage of companies that use the same subject and challenge. I am sure that after you pass through their preparation kit, you will be ready for any technical interview.

  5. Cyber-Dojo
  6. This one is also a gamified platform where you train your skills. It is a simpler version than Codewars, but the webpage offers more than 30 programming language and uses TDD to test your code.

    You can choose to do the test individually or with a group, and people can join later your party to help you to crush the challenge.

  7. Codr
  8. I love the interface of Codr. It is pretty, simple to navigate and – the best part – is also available for mobile. So, if you are bored in a waiting room, you can take your phone and expend some minutes trying to solve code problems.

    The challenges have a vast range of difficulty, you can go from simple to expert level. It tests your abstract thinking, math, and programming skills with games and puzzles.

  9. Screeps
  10. This one is an MMO, it means that a massive number of people can play this game simultaneously. Screeps is a game where you develop your colony using JavaScript code. In your colony, you can mine resources, build units and conquer territory.

    It is an amazing and complex game, where you can play together with other players from all over the world. The game developed by itself and you can code in a way that your game will continue running without you monitoring it. The main goal is to improve your programming skills and have fun.

    Screeps has a high level of complexity, for this reason, I recommend you to read the

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