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The long over-due commit of Open Source

This is a story of patience in Open Source, where every bug, every Pull-Request gets attention.

I discovered freeboard, an opensource dashboard for Visual UI Widgets. I needed to use it for a Hackathon we were performing in my team last year.

The framework is very cool and mature, the creators of freeboard even have a SaaS offering for anyone to sign-up and share dashboards. Getting the product to work on your own computer is easy, but for new comers the README documentation is lacking.

So here’s my Pull-Request to fix that, and ease new-comers to the project.
Yes, you’re reading right, this PR is from last year! 7 months ago…

Some people commented on the PR, but only months later this was reviewed and merged to freeboard’s mainstream branch:

So don’t give up. Do your best to improve software wherever it is.

As Eric Raymond says and attributes Linus:

"given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow"

So what open source projects have you been working on lately?

this is a re-publishing of an old post, but I always find it relevant and motivates developers to get into open source.

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