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Aiding your Research Internship's exploration

During my four years of engineering, I have seen friends who were interested in doing research internships under a qualified professor. This made them to frenziedly search for the professor over an entire plethora of institutions and their faculty list. I saw this as a pain point that I could solve and hence built this application called


lighthouse image from unsplash

The application is actually named lighthouse because it aims to guide students to the faculty of their choice across colleges and across departments.

Here I would list the stack of the project -:


  1. Angular
  2. HighCharts for dynamic Graphs


  1. NodeJs
  2. MongoDB
  3. NLP processing using an third party API

Usefulness of the Application:

As already stated, the app is trying to bridge the gap between students seeking research internships under professors who are qualified highly in their fields. It is an click-click-click resource to find your professor of interest and get into contact with him. Here are some of the pages of the application developed so far.

The home page:

The Home Page

The page with the details of the professor:

Table representation for quick reference

Graphs for the data obtained

The summary of the research papers

The summary using a Third party api

The trends page:

Trends of Learning

Future Developments

There is so much that we can still develop into the application. Some of the points that I feel should be implemented are-:

  1. Building a trusted data pool. Presently the data is being scraped from google scholar using a script. Google scholar tends to block your API for multiple requests. A workaround is needed to solve this.

  2. Calculating a proper credibility score to rate the professor on the basis of their citations and work.

  3. Making the User Interface better with useful additions.

If you like my idea and want to work along in developing the project you can always fork my repository here and join forces with me.

The four years of my engineering life had been full of surprises and learning. I kind of enjoyed this time as a vacation. I think it is important for an individual to learn contemporary resources and then build useful solutions using them. Such practices will help the society as well as his own personality.

I did my best to enjoy these college years and learnt things from places where my heart took me.

You can connect with me on linkedin. Always there for a quick chat!

Signing off!

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