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Team 18 Recap

It has been an incredible few months! Every time a cohort ends up in the Collab lab, we look back and realize the ongoing effort, dedication, and huge learning curve we have with mentoring and collaborations.
This time we were lucky to have Juliana Gomez, Indira Gutierrez Alejandro Ñañez, Lizeth Bañol as mentors for Latin America.
Our participants were:
-Veronica Machado
-Cristina Rueda
-Maria Angel Acosta
-Alejandro Mauricio Coca
All of them are innate researchers, they always look for answers that give them the best for their tasks, they have a good attitude towards the different alternatives that are presented to them to improve their project, they know how to work as a team, they are empathetic and very proactive, they had an excellent management of JavaScript, React and learned about firebase.
They did pair programming, they designed a very good interface in their application.
We loved seeing how they evolved in these months.

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