Nevertheless, Pognat Coded

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I began coding because...

Simply, this was the only way I knew how to be more creative in the technical industry. Finding my actual niche was a whole other story. I was fighting myself to either focus more in the hardware industry coding for applications or web development. I decided to start with web development and build up from there. I knew in time I would catch up to learning more about application development for th hardware industry. At first I had used free tools like Codeacadmey, youtube and other resources. I found myself piecing my "self-education" together. Though I enjoyed this didn't hit my wallet, I was feeling lost on whether I was getting the correct education on web development. One day, I had decided it was time to look for classes at the local colleges. Because of the time constraints that was not an option. That is when I turned to online learning. I found a handful of coding bootcamps. Course Report was an immense help to find out the cost and reviews of what other students thought of the programs. It took me a good year, but in the end I found a coding bootcamp that fit me in all the right ways. Currently, I am in the learning stages of coding.

I am not completely new to the tech industry. For the last 15 years I have been involved hardware. I want to be able to bring another skill to the table and build more knowledge.

The excitement keeps building as I am meeting more and more ladies through facebook groups, and various technical companies who have had or in the same journey as me. The support is immense! I am so happy to see more women jumping into the technical industry! Not only are women jumping into the technical industry, through social media education is building on women from the past who have made a dent. From medical, to NASA, and even into product development.

The more we as women build awareness, more of our future generations will see the math and sciences class as fun, rather than something to fear.

I'm excited about...

I am very excited about finishing the program I am in currently! I can't wait to see what is next on my agenda with development!

My advice for other women who code is...

Never be afraid to try. Never be afraid to ask for that opportunity. The worse that will come out of it will be a, no. If you hear that "no," give it another try until you get to the goal you are aiming for. Nothing can stop you, only yourself.

Never let anyone tell you can't. The word "cannot" is not an option. You will face a lot of walls and turns. Through your journey will will learn more than you anticipated.




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