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Information about T.I in Brazil that are at least "curious"

original article in portuguese in my blog:

It is difficult to speak of an area that has as little history as the area of ​​Computing and Information Systems, but it is not hard to deny that Brazil is still crawling about understanding the importance of this area in business, productivity or management of people, so I put some interesting information about IT found in Brazil ...

The forecast of spending on technology in Latin America is $ 30 billion.

By reading Comptia's article , on IT industry investment estimates in the world, America Latin America will invest approximately 30 billion dollars (about 0.8% of Brazilian GDP), but compared to the United States, which is worth about 1.3 trillion dollars (about 14% of the country's GDP).

the-global-information-technology-industry Source: IDC (by Comptia's article)

This shows that there really is a lot of opportunity to find deficiencies in technology in Brazil, and to say that it is not only the United States, Japan spends a little more than the entire Latin America, so probably there is a lot of place in our country that needs Technology.

São Paulo is not among the 10 most technological cities in the world.

As much as we have among the 5 largest metropolises in the world, São Paulo is nowhere near the most technological and innovative cities in the world, the
Business Insider has presented 50 cities, and none Brazilian. With this we see how many technological challenges we have within our cities, mainly involving Internet of Things not only in equipment but in adoption by the population with innovations, we have companies that are already working with this as Uber, Nubank , Yellow, Airbnb and Fifth Floor.

Cities are evaluated based on 31 segments of their industries and economy and 162 indicators of innovation. However, the company's data analysts compile the index score of each city in 60 of three major factors: cultural assets, human infrastructure, and networked markets.

- Business Insider

IT professionals deficit in Brazil will be 161 thousand by 2019

This data presented by the site CIO , shows that while Brazil is full of options to grow with technology, Brazil appears to be very poorly trained to educate people about technology, it is a fact that the deficit of IT professionals in Brazil is large and lacking skilled professionals and more education options, so in addition to the opportunities for equipment, services and systems, Brazil can still invest a lot in technology education. There are many companies that are doing this, between Maker schools and programming, in addition to professional technology schools like Udacity that serves students from all over the world even leaving Brazil, Digital House, Alura, with their code house books and courses and universities focused on technology that are growing in Brazil.

[Conclusion / Opinion]

There is still a lot of room to bring technology to Brazil, our country seems to be so behind with it, that perhaps bringing models, research and innovations that already exist worldwide can help a lot, sometimes, more developed countries already have more mature technologies that can bring benefits here in the lands of Tupiniquins.

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