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Loïc Boset
Loïc Boset

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Brain Bytes: absorb knowledge in less than 30 seconds

What I built

Brain Bytes is intended to be a combination of Twitter and a Harvard computer science degree.

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Brain Bytes is a collection of very short pieces of knowledge about computer science that you can read in less than 30 seconds.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

MIT, I welcome anyone to contribute, either with code, idea, or by sharing its knowledge on the website!


(What made you decide to build this particular app? What inspired you?)

I am a web dev bootcamp grad, meaning that I lack some computer science knowledge.

While working with my colleagues, I realized that I often got short feedback about some basic concepts such as internationalization (i18n), algorithms, or SCRUM, which I had no clue about.

These feedbacks were very short and rememberable.

Hence, Brain Bytes.

How I built it

(How did you utilize DigitalOcean’s App Platform? Did you learn something new along the way? Pick up a new skill?)

Brain Bytes is built with Ruby on Rails, React and Tailwindcss.

Digital Ocean made it very easy to deploy!

In the coming months I will try to play with things I am not familiar with, such as GraphQL.

Additional Resources/Info

Please tell me what you think about it!
Is there anything that seems missing?
Would use it? and if not, why?

Next things on the roadmap:

  • submission title
  • input preview
  • tags and filters
  • milestones to reach before Jan 10: 100 brain bytes recorded

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