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Thanks for the list! Added some really nice utility to my macOS tool belt. 👍

I'd like to give a shoutout to one vital app in my setup: BetterTouchTool (or short, BTT). It really is pure gold.
The app allows you to create custom (global or per-app) gestures for the trackpad or the magic mouse. (It supports changing other devices' behaviour as well, like adding system-wide keyboard shortcuts, but those two are the ones I most commonly use it for.)

Some examples from the gestures I defined for the trackpad on my MacBook Pro:

  • 3 finger swipe down: close the current window/tab (performs ⌘W)
  • 3 finger swipe left/right/up: Put current window to the left/right half of the screen resp. maximize it

The following are only enabled for my browsers:

  • 2 finger click: open link in a new tab (⌘ + Click)
  • 3 finger swipe up: restore the most recently closed tab (⌘⇧T)
  • 2 finger swipe from bottom edge: refresh the page (⌘R)

Those are only a few of the gestures I use. They really become muscle memory and you're whole workflow is screwed when BTT is not running for some reason. 🙃

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