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Do you just have a single dev environment in Cloud9? Or multiple? I’d be interested to hear the details of your setup, since I’m imagining you push as much state to the cloud as possible, so that this multi machine setup is seamless 😁

Also, are you using all of these machines for work? Or a mix of work and personal?


I have a Cloud9 environment for each project.
Cloud9 has limitations which are unfortunate.

I wish I could use Cloud9 with CloudFormation to provision tens of servers at once for the purpose of teaching but it's not possible as AWS has heavily neglected Cloud9 automation where you can only automate the creation of Amazon Linux Cloud9 environment with no way of running a script afterwards. Amazon Liunx has problems and so I can't even automate that step having to manually use the console to spin up Ubuntu environments.

Every intern and dev at ExamPro has a Cloud9 environment and it saves us so much time.
No worries having to figure out docker, no full days lots because your dev environment broke.

We wrote a bash script which setups the dev environment. It has to manually run, but at least it's only 1 action.

I have Cloud9 env for every project that I work on. Since servers only run when you use them I'm not too worried about multiple instances running at the same time.

I'm seeing more IDE services spin up but I can't justify the subscription costs where Cloud9 is so inexpensive. If one of these IDEs can match the same functionality as Cloud9 I would strongly consider architecting my only solution so I can automate setting or rebuilding environments

We attempted to connect Cloud9 to ECS but it simply was not possible.

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