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Louis Augry
Louis Augry

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Angular + Strapi

Hi guys, I recently set up a starter for angular and strapi in a single repository, with a configuration to deploy Angular on Netlify and Strapi
on Heroku. The SGBD is PostgreSQL

Here the link ==>

Enjoy ✌️😉

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raimonxdev profile image

How can you do it with image uploads, I want to make a blog and I need to add images .. :)

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Maxime Lafarie

Awesome! Thank you for sharing it with us!

juancar14087440 profile image
Juan Carlos Castaño

Estoy usando strapi y angular en el frontend, quiero subir imagenes a strapi desde angular con formularios reactivos pero no he podido; agradezco su colaboración. Saludos desde Colombia.

radu_anastase profile image
Radu Anastase

Is it possible to have both Strapi and Angular on Netlify?