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How would I do best earning money without annoying customers

I searched for a place where I can ask a question like this to get experienced input. So I landed here and hope it is the right place.

I am unsure. I didn't want to implement any ads at first, but simply add a donation button, then I read Googles guidelines and saw it is not allowed. I also do not want to implement use-case-less features like stupid avatars or whatever simply to be able to sell something.

I am currently thinking of 3 other things:

  1. Implement Ads but have global toggle that removes them on in-app purchase.

  2. Release 2 Versions of my app, free "trial" version with ads and one without any ads whatsoever.

  3. Implement in-app purchase button via google billing services for donation, however from older posts I read that it was not currently supported to use in-app purchases for donations, I couldn't find anything in the guidelines as of today though, maybe I simply missed it.

Do you have any tips? It is my first project I want to publish and I would feel really weird making it paid only, especially considering it's the first version and pretty barebones.

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