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ZimCart Laravel Free ecommerce (Don't Forget To Star It On Github)

Proud to release my open source Laravel ecommerce platform. Don't Forget To Star It On Github

Zimcart eCommerce Web Appliaction
An complete e-commerce solution for your business. Start selling today using ZimCart script.

run git clone
[Then navigate to App\Providers\AppServiceProvder and comment out all the View::share in the boot method].
run composer update .
run npm install.
run npm run dev.
run php artisan key:generate.
set up your database in the .env
run php artisan migrate.
run php artisan db:seed.
run php artisan storage:link.
[Then navigate back App\Providers\AppServiceProvder and uncomment out all the View::share in the boot method].
run php artisan serve.
Paypal for production
To get live credentials Create a paypal merchant/business account
Then visit

Admin Credentials p/s admin123
Working Demo

ZimCart eCommerce Features
[100% CMS]
[Social Login]
[Google Recaptcha]
[Data Visualisation]
[Real-time Search]
[Shopping cart]
[Product attributes]
[Product categories]
[Product sub categories]
[Product Multiple images]
[Multiple product uploads]
[System Settings]
[Image Sliders]
[Contact messaging]
[Tax options]
[Admin Area]
[Coupons & Discounts]
[SEO Settings]
[Facebook Pixel Integration]
[Paypal Checkout]
[Payment on delivery]
[Social Links]
[Dynamic Terms & privacy policy]
Businesses using our solution

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