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Discussion on: Are covers letters important to apply for a job?

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Lorenzo Pasqualis

I agree with Ben. It is not necessary, but it does help to highlight your resume over similar others. I recommend keeping it short and making sure that it's personalized to the position you are applying for. A couple of paragraphs is all you need to write. Make sure to mention why the job seems to be a good fit for your skills and why you are interested in the company you are applying for. Important to give a sense that you did your research and you have a good impression of the company.

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Wilfredo Pérez Author

Yeah!! I agree with you. The cover letter is something that can give you a plus before the interview. I think that at this moment for the most awesome companies is important that you send one attached with you cv.

So I will write a draft, and I'll customize depending on the company.

Thank a lot for you response.