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CodeBuddies (295 stars) is a platform that lets anyone start a study group or schedule a virtual hangout to screenshare and learn together, with the premise that learning with other people makes getting through MOOCs and tutorials more fun. :)

Our learning hangouts are community-organized and fully remote because we believe that getting coding help and finding peer study partners shouldn't be limited by where one lives or by one's ability to commute to a local tech meetup after work.

The app is built using Meteor/Blaze (all CSS/Javascript on the frontend) and runs on MongoDB. We welcome new bug reports, documentation improvements to our (Github repo:, and first-time contributors on good-for-beginner issues. Coding help is available in the #codebuddies-meta or #cb-code channels on our Slack, as well as on the Github issue itself. If you're interested in working on an open issue, please leave a comment to indicate your interest in claiming it.

The community is super friendly on Slack (we have a pay-it-forward mentality) and we come from all around the world, spanning different ages and different professions. CodeBuddies lives thanks to the generosity of its members, Slack admin moderators, GitHub code contributors, website community mentors, & 501c3 monetary donations on our Open Collective.


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