Who's looking for open source contributors? (May 7 edition)

Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always. 😄

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Great discussion, thanks for opening that up!

Prisma (>7k stars) turns your database into a GraphQL API and we are looking for first time contributors and experienced contributors alike.

We welcome new features, bug fixes and documentation improvements to the core library (Scala) as well as our tooling suite around it (JavaScript/TypeScript).

We have many other open source projects beyond Prisma that are widely used in the GraphQL space - check them out on our open source page.

You can engage with us on Github or in Slack so we can help you getting started!

I guess I'll shamelessly post again this week because this was pretty successful last week.

I'm growing a collection of sample programs in as many programming languages as possible. If that sounds interesting, give the repo a star to help it grow.

When I shared this last week, I got my first two contributors, so thanks!

I really have to thank everyone who has already started helping out. Last week, I was the only one working on the project. Now, I have 12 stars and 8 forks--incredible.

Thanks, Ben! This is really an awesome resource.

Habari _Swahili for hello! ;-) _
Brilliant idea. I have a couple of code snippets I would love to add to the growing collection. I'm a first-time contributor and would really appreciate some guidance as well if it's not too much to ask for. `ephygtz@gmail.com`

Sounds great! I'll reach out now :)

Hi Jeremy. I like your idea. Because I'm a first-time contributor, I need some guidance to start contributing. Would you mind dropping me an email at dev.abdus@gmail.com? So, that I can discuss about it with you. Please.

Hey Jeremy, love ur repo, will definitely contribute, i have been looking for a repo to be my first contribution, i think urs is perfect for this, reach out to me @ bassemmohamed1994@gmail.com

I agree! This is a great repo for people looking to get involved in open source. Let me know what you have in mind.

CodeBuddies (295 stars) is a platform that lets anyone start a study group or schedule a virtual hangout to screenshare and learn together, with the premise that learning with other people makes getting through MOOCs and tutorials more fun. :)

Our learning hangouts are community-organized and fully remote because we believe that getting coding help and finding peer study partners shouldn't be limited by where one lives or by one's ability to commute to a local tech meetup after work.

The app is built using Meteor/Blaze (all CSS/Javascript on the frontend) and runs on MongoDB. We welcome new bug reports, documentation improvements to our docs.codebuddies.org (Github repo: github.com/codebuddies/documentation), and first-time contributors on good-for-beginner issues. Coding help is available in the #codebuddies-meta or #cb-code channels on our Slack, as well as on the Github issue itself. If you're interested in working on an open issue, please leave a comment to indicate your interest in claiming it.

The community is super friendly on Slack (we have a pay-it-forward mentality) and we come from all around the world, spanning different ages and different professions. CodeBuddies lives thanks to the generosity of its members, Slack admin moderators, GitHub code contributors, website community mentors, & 501c3 monetary donations on our Open Collective.


Qub³d Engine Group is a brand new voxel-based engine and game project, aiming to make a mature and extensible Minecraft-like game, backed by a vibrant and friendly community.

Anyone with interest in or experience with the following technologies are encouraged to join the project. They're just starting up, so there's plenty of room to find your niche:

  • C++ (especially C++17)
  • Clang compiler (GCC secondary)
  • OpenGL
  • SDL2
  • Lua
  • Sphinx (documentation)
  • CMake

The easiest way to get started is to join the Discord room. Link is on the website: qub3d.org

Hi everyone !

I am currently working on a programming language project : Kafe created in C++17, using ANTLR4 to create the parser.

This language runs on a virtual machine, as Java does, and aims the field of scripting in video games, so I am giving a lot of importance to optimizations.

What I am basically trying to do is to create a language which can be read by anyone (simplicity is the keyword regarding the grammar), and can be used easily as a scripting language in video games, something easier than embedding Python without an external library for example.

The project works well on both Linux and Windows, and only needs those dependencies to be built :

  • CMake
  • C++17
  • Java (only if you want to tweak the grammar and need to rebuild the parser)
  • Java, Python 3.x, Ruby 2, GoLang (only if you want to run the benchmarks)

If some people are interested, I can create a Discord room to talk about the language and its features ! c:

I have lots of tasks!


Fixing now.sh deploy inside travis (>100 stars): github.com/wemake-services/wemake-...
Writing tests for eslint configuration (new project): github.com/wemake-services/eslint-...
Writing flow type declrations (new project): github.com/sobolevn/vue-flow-typed...


Writing docs (> 100 stars): github.com/wemake-services/wemake-...


Fixing different issues (>850 stars): github.com/sobolevn/git-secret/issues


Adding awesome cryptography links (> 1100 stars): github.com/sobolevn/awesome-crypto...


It's a Docker tool that helps to initialise and run project of any complexity with a simple command line interface.

To start any existing project (local, remote) all you have to do is just to run simple command:

$:~ pocok run my-project

it will clone your project, pull all required images and run you project.
You can create multiple environments/plans for development, production, demo etc.
You can also create your own catalog/registry or use GitHub or Gitlab integration.

I'm looking for a couple things to add to my Launchy! 🚀 project, including:

  • add React support;
  • add more tests;
  • fix up existing issues.

These would be great to have in order to push for an official 1.0 release.

Thanks! 🙂

Interested in contributing to a project but when looking at the issues im like damn how do you do that

I know it can be hard. But you can try analyzing the code, looking for something you can improve. Be it a small refactor, improving its documentation, etc.

Some projects triage issues and label beginner friendly ones. For example, here are the Rust issues that are tagged E-easy and E-mentor, which means they're both beginner friendly and have mentoring available:


vertx-ext-spa-ssr is a way to build Isomorphic JS apps on top of JVM/Nashorn/vert.x, imagine all the flexibility of JS with all of the parallelism and scalability of the JVM! This is very PoC at the moment, but I have plans to make a template file free engine that mirrors how server-rendered React is done on Node :)

warhol is a better way to write CanCanCan ability classes for Ruby apps, I would love to see it get some more exposure!

cadius is a cross-platform Apple II disk imaging utility that can make ProDOS images. We want to write block device support next and am looking for some retro computing enthusiasts to join the effort!

I made a JavaScript language server using ESLint and Tern. I use it in Vim, but it should work in any editor. github.com/tbodt/js-langserver

Care if I make an Emacs mode out of it? :D

Go right ahead! It probably already works with lsp-mode, but hell why not.

No need, it work's fine with lsp-mode. Great stuff!!

I have three current projects I am working on polishing off.

I could use help from everything from documentation, to adding features, to help closing issues.

Status Board is a fork and replacement of Atlasboard. It allows you to make dashboards easily.


React Pure Loader are loaders built as React pure components using JS to CSS to handle styles.


Jest Express is a testing / mocking framework for testing Express apps with Jest.


Orchid is a tool I recently released after working on it for over a year, and I'm just looking to get some traction on it, to get people using it in real-world situations. I'm currently using it for several sites of my own and at my work, but would love to get feedback from a larger community.

It's a static site generator for Java and Kotlin, and is especially great at generating documentation for all kinds of projects. It already documents Java and Swift code, and has plugins that bring the best features of other tools together in one place, like blogs, wikis, custom taxonomies, and presentations, and is designed to be really easy to extend.

Please check it out and let me know your thoughts and how I can make it better/easier to use. It's my first "major" open-source project but is doing very well at 56 stars right now, and I'm really excited about its future!

Hi everyone!

Thank you for the discussion, Ben! A bunch of folks and I are building a curated list of articles, websites, and resources about diversity in technology, and I would like to share with you all to see if you would like to contribute or just share it. Here you have the awesome-diversity list! Any contribution will be highly appreciated.

Greetings! 😊

nx-build is a project file generator for C & C++, using Javascript as a scripting language. It's a project that I started quite recently so any contributions or tips/advice would be awesome. I'm also aiming to build up a common place that documents build programs and file formats so any help with that ambitious undertaking is welcome :D
I don't want to limit those docs to just C/C++, other language build tools are just as welcome, if not more :)


  • Node.js (Using javascript and not typescript - yet... muahhahahaha)
  • Mocha testing framework

GitHub -> github.com/DontBelieveMe/nx-build

Hi, Everyone!

We're looking for help writing open-government + open-data code, in any programming language, for any government and place on Earth.

The project is Public.Law ("Law is code; open-source it.") github.com/public-law/ We're increasing access to justice ("A2J").

If you want to do your own code from scratch, we'd love it: wherever you live, you can help make your local government more accessible. We're building a collection of web scrapers and data import scripts that turn a set of laws into JSON. Here's an example in Haskell, for the U.S. state of Nevada: github.com/public-law/nevada-revis.... But like I said, any language (caveat, that runs on Ubuntu) is great. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or advanced. The most important thing is to get something that works for every place on earth. Since it'll run on Ubuntu and simply output JSON, anyone can use these data feeds to make innovative apps.

But if you just want to contribute a little bit of documentation, or maybe do some refactoring, we have a bunch of open source repo's already up.


Great topic!

I'm looking for Erlang devs to help me and my friends at Inaka with the lot of issues we have in our queue for Elvis and related repos :)

Thanks for this great opportunity.

My main (open source) project where I need collaboration/contribution is doesangue.me (doesangue means "donate blood"). An open source and free API/platform for blood donors, blood banks, hospitals.

You can read a little more in this medium post.

The Core API was created with Laravel. So Artisans are welcome here. But more than Laravel, we need people to help us with frontend (SPA, Vue) and sure, with design.

You can found me in twitter as @cagejose, GitHub: JoseCage

I would like to share this one ocr-electron-vue, was initially an example project for an article that i wrote few months ago, but i see a lot of potential for that OCR tool, it haven't an open issues or roadmap yet but of course all the suggestions and contributions are welcome!

Nextron aims to make an Electron app with Next.js more easily.
This is a highly WIP Project, so PRs and contributers are welcome!

Further readings :)

Techtonica (a nonprofit I started that provides free tech training with stipends and job placement to women and non-binary adults with low incomes) discovered that our participants need an app similar to typing practice websites out there, but for Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts and we haven't found it anywhere!

A volunteer started on the keyboard shortcuts project but went back to school and has been unable to continue on it.

Can you help? Please find more info here: github.com/Techtonica/keyboard-sho...

I'm joining in a bit late this time, but as you my have seen from older posts, AlloyCI is always looking for contributors. Want to learn Elixir, but don't feel comfortable yet with tackling an issue by yourself? Don't worry! Just try to install and run AlloyCI, and if you find something in the documentation unclear, or missing, these are great first contributions as well. Even if it's just to fix a typo. It gets your feet wet!

For anyone looking for something completely different, how about learning monkeyc and adding some features to a Garmin widget. There is a free SDK which comes with a complete watch simulator so you don't even have to have a watch :)


Pierre DeCheck!

It's a pull request dependency checker! By referencing other issues/pull requests using keywords ("depends on #123" or "depends on some-user/some-repo#123") your pull request's check session will display the dependencies status (open or closed), that way you can merge it with more confidence.

I've labeled the existing issues trying to help contributors (look for "up-for-grabs" and "good first issue"): github.com/alvarocavalcanti/pierre...

operationcode.org/ is always looking for open source contributors, as well as mentors.

Operation Code is a nonprofit devoted to helping our military veterans learn software development, enter the tech industry, and code the future!

Our site is comprised of a Rails API backend and a React frontend.

You can find out more by joining our Slack community, or pinging us in GitHub!

toepoke.co.uk - Helps organise football matches with your mates ⚽

Be awesome to get some ideas and support for the graphql commerce boilerplate github.com/CommerceQL/commerceql

Well my own portfolio xD pedropcruz.pt
What do you think? What did you improve? Many thanks cheers!

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