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lpellis profile image Loftie Ellis Originally published at loftie.com ・1 min read

I built a light theme extension (Chrome for now) for indiehackers, for the few people like me who prefer a light background :)

I really enjoy reading people's stories over there, and actually find the current look quite pleasing. My problem though is I prefer to code with a light background in my IDE, and if spend enough time on this site my eyes adjust, and then switching back its like staring into the sun.

This extension adds a very basic light theme, and you can quickly toggle back for a session by clicking the extension icon. (it will toggle back to dark for the current tab)

Hope someone finds it useful: The code is open source (MIT) and available from https://github.com/lpellis/IndieHackers-Light-Theme

Originally published at https://loftie.com/post/indiehackers-light-theme

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Loftie Ellis


Trying to center a div in a div. And one day climb 8a.


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