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ConCat App - My Class of 2020 Student Project

ConCat App

This is an Androud chat application that was created by myself and a classmate at a 24-hour hackathon. The app is intended for large events such as hackathons and conferences. It is very easy to spin up a new, event-specific chat room, and then event-goers can post anonymous messages. Future improvements could include using Google's Perspective API to do realtime chat monitoring, the assignment of user roles to allow event organizers more control of the chat, and some major UI enhancements.

You can try it out here (use event code ph20): APK download

ConCat screenshots

Link to Code

GitHub logo lrose07 / ConCatApp

Anonymous chat for events


Try it out:

Use event code ph20 for a sneak peak at what an active chat might look like!

This app is like Yik Yak but specifically for events. Enter an event room using a code given by the event organizers, and join the anonymous chat!

To create an event, simply click the button and enter a new Event Name and Event Code. Your event code must be unique!

Share the app link and event code with your event-goers so they can join the chat!

If you are an event participant, simply enter the code given to you into the message box and hit send to access the event chat!

How I built it

This was build using Java, in IntelliJ. We made use of Gradle for build tools. We also used Google Firebase Realtime Database.

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