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Thank you for reading! Great points Jérémy!

I agree with you in the point, that the definition of Intelligence and therefore also of Artificial Intelligence is really difficult and it is still being evaluating by experts. It seems like a steady process.
I think the problem here is, that there are many branches, medicine, biology, philosophy and also computer science who all are trying to find a definition for intelligence. Intelligence is not only part of one branch, it is part of many branches. Therefore it is very difficult to find a definition which makes everybody happy.

About AGI and superintelligence:
If I would have to say when there would be AGI and superintelligence I would say at least 40 years. But I actually don't know ;)
Again, I think Nick Bostrom's book 'Superintelligence - Paths, Dangers, Strategies' is one if not the greatest book about this topic. I encourage everybody who are interested in this topic to read it!

About the definition of Artificial:
I still think that Artificial is (kind of) fake. Of course it exists, but it is not real, because then it would be just a clone of something. And if we are building something artificial, we are not just cloning something. Real grass would be grass that would grow, but artificial grass is fake grass, which intention is to substitute real grass to improve it behavior.

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