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Awesome Technical Debt

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Awesome Technical Debt Awesome

A curated list of Technical Debt talks, articles and books.



Talks recorded in video related to Technical Debt

  • Debt Metaphor - Ward Cunningham - Ward Cunningham reflects on the history, motivation and common misunderstanding of the "debt metaphor" as motivation for refactoring.
  • Escaping the Technical Debt Cycle - Michael Feathers - Most teams have some amount of technical debt. Others are crushed by it. It really shouldn’t be this way. For decades we’ve been aware of good development practice. We know the things that we should do to avoid incurring technical debt and start paying it back. Clearly, something else is going on.
  • Technical debt isn't technical - Einar W. Høst - Technical debt is not primarily caused by incompetent developers, architecture astronauts, unrealistic UX people or even stupid project managers. What causes it then? It is a symptom of weak abstractions, which stems from insufficient understanding and modelling of the problem domain.
  • The Economics of Software Design - J.B. Rainsberger - Every month, someone new asks me the question, "How do I convince my manager to let me refactor?" While it's true that a manager shouldn't constrain the programmer's plans to deliver high-quality code, the fact remains that some organisations allow their managers to assert this level of micro-control. In this talk I outline a set of models for justifying evolutionary design with basic economic concepts that relate directly to delivering, planning, and funding software projects
  • Demanding Professionalism in Software Development - Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) - Robert C. Martin explains in his own unique style why professionalism is so important for software development teams and their managers. This event has been recorded live at an event co-hosted by Agile Quebec City and Elapse Technologies in Septembre 2012.


Articles and blogposts related to Technical Debt.


Books related to Technical Debt.


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Aschwin Wesselius

Thanks for the list! I think it's a good start.

PS: I hate to bitch about these thinks but you spelled Martin Fowler as Marin Fowler. At least you have been consistent there... ;-)

luanfonceca profile image
Luan Fonseca

hahaha Thanks for noticing that, i'll fix it :)

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