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I would add, long walks, hiking or just hanging out in nature. It allows you to disconnect from everything, just for a while, and really recharge your batteries. It makes you happier, more productive, more creative, an allows you to introspect and figure out what you really want to do in life. Also you can combine hobbies like, reading a book or righting short stories while you are doing your nature visit. At least, this is what works from me. You should give it a try


Agreed, I definetely used to go hiking a lot more growing up because my father was a super avid hiker, but without him around to pressure me and with my husband being more of a runner, now I find the only real exercuse I get is a high intensity interval with jogging/walking at the gym for 20 minutes a day-ish. When its habit its so natural but now that I am out of the habit its so much harder.


I feel you. I live in Panama, so I'm used to going to places where nature and the jungle is intense and beautiful. When I lived in Boston, I tried to replace my nature walks with running and high intenisty workouts, but it's not the same.

Nature has this thing that is healing, it really works your body and mind at a celullar level. There are so many interesting studies out there. Have your heard of grounding? It can even help cancer patients. Basically it means just walking barefoot so you get in contact with earth surface electrons which have a positive impact in our bodies.

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