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The Live Coders - Intake 11th July 2020

luckynos7evin profile image Andy Morrell (LuckyNoS7evin) ・2 min read

July started as a big month for applications, the team is taking a more prominent role in the application process and making that more transparent to those on the outside looking in.

So to start we have the new Applications page on The Live Coders website -> JOIN US

The second part of that is the new Nurture Program. When an applicant doesn't quite hit the minimum criteria to join the team we now accept those into the Nurture Program. This give broadcasters access to a limited subset of the Live Coders discord server but with access to all 190+ members of the team.

With that here are the new Teammates and new Nurture Program broadcasters for The Live Coders

New Team Members

Nurture Program

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