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Favorite Resource of the Week: Profile Pic Maker

In the world of software development, things move fast. New tools, new libraries, new languages! As technology changes to meet the needs of today's problems, it is important as a developer to keep up to date with what tools work best for you. I am always watching for tools that will help improve my workflow, making me a better designer and developer, and making my work more effective. I would like to share the tools I find that seem to make a difference in my work, and might just help solve some of the problems you are facing in your own!

This week my favorite resource is a newly found tool I thought was incredibly useful for creating profile pictures for my projects (and my own resume!).

Profile Pic Maker

Profile Pic Maker is a super cool and super smart automatic image masking tool to help us all have better profile pictures! PFPMaker uses AI to choose the subject of the photo (pro tip: it doesnt have to be a person!) and mask the background out of the image, while providing a ton of cool options for a clean new background, along with adding smart shadows and some photo edit options. Upon upload of your photo, it takes around 20 seconds or so for the list of cool new profile pictures to generate. As developers, we all deal with our own profile picture needs (huge resume and portfolio booster!!!), but while creating applications that need stock profile photos or managing a website with an "Our Team" page, this handy and super accurate little tool can be a great addition to your toolbox. Hopefully you find this resource as cool and helpful as I did!

Along with finding this tool particularly useful, it also has spurred an idea for a new project to take on. Teaming up with a friend of mine soon who has expertise in AI and machine learning to tackle a new project that will take a similar approach to masking photos automatically. More to come on this!

Let me know how else you found Profile Pic Maker useful in your own work!

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