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Hey Hello, Experts !!!

I would like to have a reviewer (many?) for my color theme because I only did the TypeScript/Javascript Syntax ... (the CSS should be improved) I am not good at Ruby, Python the C families (C# & C/C++) and all the other languages I am not sure to exist ...

Reach me on Twitter @Luxcium

You can look into it on GitHub: "Pop N' Lock Theme by Luxcium ✨"

The Theme is available in the VS Code market place

Give me your impressions and please send me screen captures of your favorite language with my theme... (don't do like I did below... don't do a screen capture of something confidential ...)

TypeScript example

You probably want to see a screen capture of the Theme and syntax ... there you go:

I am working on something ultra confidential its something super sensitive with the credential data and stuff ... Don't show that to anyone ...


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