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re: I think that KeyValues is making great strides in promoting this conversation. @lynnetye is a DEV member and can probably speak more to the motiv...

Sorry that I didn't see this until now! 🙈

@peter is right, I could talk about this... forever. 😜

Asking someone where the best place to work at is like asking someone what the best city is to live in, or who is the best person is to be in a relationship with. It's not a simple question with a simple answer. It "right" answer depends on the person, and to make things more complex, the "right" answer changes for each person over the course of their life.

The hardest part about finding the "right" job or company is knowing what exactly that looks like to you. @damcosset, you should absolutely choose a humane employer, but I'd like to think that that's table stakes. There are countless humane employers to choose from, so the next question is really identifying what your goals are and what matters most to you, and then finding companies that align w/ your goals and care about the same things you do. Anyway, you can find the long list of things other devs care about on Key Values!

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