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Lynne Tye

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Nevertheless, Lynne Tye Coded

I began to code because...

Coding is powerful. I decided to learn how to code when I was 26 years old. I was nervous to change careers (again), but knew that being able to build things on my own was a super power I wanted to have. I learned to code because I didn't want to depend on others to fix bugs, build features, or bring ideas to life anymore.

I look up to...

Any woman who has made a difficult decision in order to stay true to herself. I grew up with great examples of strong women. My mother was one of the first female faculty members at Cornell University, and my sister is currently a professor in Neuroscience at MIT.

I want to show off...

Key Values which helps developers find teams based on the values they care about most. I'm also proud of Culture Queries which provides engineers with the best questions to ask during their job interviews.

I'm a solo, female founder and am proud to have started a business on my own. I've written a couple of articles on

My advice for allies to support women and non-binary folks who code is....

Listen first, and continue to ask how you can help. Everyone has a different story and different people need help in different ways. Engage rather than pull away.

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