The Mapper/Packer Communication Barrier

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It's worth reiterating some key points here:

  • Mapping and packing are very different strategies
  • Packing is the strongly enforced social norm
  • The world is set up for packers
  • Business language is packer language
  • The results of mapping are called `common sense'
  • Common sense isn't so common
  • Mappers think packers are cynical or lazy
  • Packers think mappers are irrational
  • Packers spend much of their time playing politics
  • The last thing that counts in politics is Reason
  • Mappers are often wrong about packer psychology
  • Packers are usually right about packer psychology
  • Mappers are often wrong about mapper psychology
  • Packers are always wrong about mapper psychology.
  • Mappers do not have a culture to guide them
  • Most mappers teach themselves, like Mowgli
  • Mappers can teach themselves!
  • Mappers can learn from others
  • Mappers often face significant social challenges
  • Mappers currently rarely fulfil their potential
  • Once a situation is understood, it can be addressed.

Copyright (c) Alan G Carter and Colston Sanger 1997

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Note that mappers seem to fall into the REBEL category from Gretchen Rubin's research on the Four Tendencies. They do not follow anyone's expectations nor apply anyone's social programs unless they get into the flow of things and start to enjoy it in an autotelic way.


This is also a clue into how to hack yourself into doing something you need to do: figure out a way to reframe it as enjoyable, curious, fun, new.


So here is DAY 1 of the course... 6 more days ahead...