What is #devdev?

lytecyde profile image Mik Seljamaa 🇪🇪 ・1 min read

John Sonmez is a the (original) Tim Ferriss of software engineering imho
he blends self development with software development and is a living example of what he preaches.

So my moniker that I use for this type of combination of self development and software development is:


The combination seems to help me out in problems in both fields. As I get better in self control and self management and self care etc I also get to program/push more code. As I do push-ups, Wim Hof Method breaths I also improve in the number of my insights. And so on ...
On the other hand, as I get better at programming I also learn about the various technologies and since the field is constantly self-developing new technologies, there is plenty more to learn every decade. In fact "I have to run just to stand still" seems like a fair phrase to push here.

Development of development could also be a self-referential or recursive method for refining software development by exploration, experimentation and exclusion.

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