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Process vs Meta-learning

There is a method to much of the madness surrounding the Process.
In both senses of the term angry/mad and crazy/mad.

The emotional part refers to the use of emotions to elicit stress in and among workers.

The disordered thinking and irrational ways of doing and RUNNING business is the psychological part.

In software development the process without a persistent review, analysis, feedback and development would lead to a software crisis.

The Process makes a lot of sense in the age of industrialisation. It makes for grief and ridicule among the learned ones in the age of informatics.

However it is not enough to add and enhance the process with feedback, the feedback systems also have to adapt continually as new techniques are developed for applying new technologies to business systems.

Going beyond the process was started at the height of the age of industrialisation, Deming and Toyoda making a lasting impression on business.

No matter. The Process may change and the processes of changing the Process may change, the result is still a process.

They also fear and scare others that the opposite to the process is chaos and procrastination. It may appear so! There is another path, however, it is the path of innovation and daydreaming.

The real effect of the Process is to turn humans into followers of procedures.

Proceduralists Rule

Proceduralists are made to take part in Processes.

The rules of the process are simple and easy to repeat. There may, however, be a lot of them. With enough repetition they lose their dreams and start living their rules.

Most of the world is created and run by an elaborate system of people following a myriad or simple rules.

Humans have been turned into robots, flesh and bone robots. The robotness of their being has been erased. Unhappily they go about toiling on this Earth.
Without much metacognition there is also a lack emotional awareness. Why they could feel better and how to achieve it.

The actual terms for robot like humans are stereotypy and automatic behaviour. Hypoglycemia can cause a lack of self control and awareness of actions for a moment. Perhaps sugar is the carrot of the process of making men with machine minds. Stress is the stick. It has been shown that stress causes near psychotic responses in normal humans.

There are rules for making proceduralists.

Rule them All

Just like zombies like to eat all humans, the proceduralists make other proceduralists and keep the existing ones in compliance, control and competition to increase both compliance and control. The less divergence and diversity, the easier it becomes to control humans. However some people are almost immune to this rule, they are more difficult to control. They are not interested in rote learning. They know that variation in learning is the key to faster studies. They can teach themselves. They exercise for a better HRV. They practice creative solutions to problem solving.
They love daydreaming and know how valuable it is. They have insights, they use inductive thinking to find simple and elegant rules within the systems they explore. They also use diffuse thinking to explore many ideas. Their ideation is double that of their age among the proceduralists. Intelligence is higher overall.

They are the ones who light the world with new inventions and creative works.

Being on the fringes and vastly outnumbered, they do not rule the world, however.

Although they can assume just like the proceduralists that everyone acts like them, they, nonetheless do see the difference.

And that sight... makes me very sad at times.

with lack of control over the proceduralists development and the very real alternative of castigation by the proceduralists for noncompliance and nonadherence to the rules of the Process. One is left to be saddened.

They must see it, that there is an ESCAPE. No rules can get you there because rules keep you within rules, confined in the Process.

Just a shift in mindset.

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