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🕵🏽 Debug VS Code Keyboard Shortcuts

Sharing an article I originally wrote here


  • Whilst using VS Code my Cmd + N keyboard shortcut stopped creating a new file
  • I was stumped on how to figure out what was causing the issue


  • Looking around on Stack Overflow people suggested looking at the Keybindings as installed plugins can cause keyboard shortcut conflicts
  • In VS Code go to Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Whilst poking around here I discovered a handy little feature of VS Code where you can type a keyboard shortcut and find out what it's mapped to.
  • You just have to click the little keyboard icon (1) VS Code Keyboard Shortcut
  • I typed in Cmd + N and lo and behold it popped up with two entries and I found the source of the conflict and deleted the conflicting one

👋 Hope it helps someone figure out their issues. If you'd like to keep up with technical blog posts on a variety of topics please feel free to join me on 😎

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