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Learning Flutter without knowing any other language.

As a student, I always wanted to be able to develop complex applications and upload them to the Play Store. So I started learning core java for developing apps on Android as it is the most popular platform for mobile apps. I started by choosing a free course on Udacity but after one month I realized that instead of understanding the logic behind the program, I was just copying and pasting which was being shown in the video tutorial. This is what happens with almost every absolute beginner. After that one month, I lost my interest in making applications using Java.
Beginner getting bored

How did Flutter brought my interest back?

So after 2 years, I thought to find a more interesting way to develop apps.
At that time flutter had just entered. After reading about its features I got excited to learn it. Beginner excited
Meanwhile, in the past 2 years, I had learned C++ basics in my school.
As I was a beginner I wasn't good at reading and understanding the Official Documentation. So opted for buying a course this time rather than picking a free course from YouTube.

If one wishes to learn flutter, learning DART is a pre-requisite. As I mentioned I had the basic knowledge of C++, so I had enough knowledge about OOPs. After trying to write simple programs using Dart I got a good grip on it. As a beginner, I only needed to know how variables, functions, and classes are declared in Dart, rest advanced concepts like Future, Factory, etc. can be learned alongside learning Flutter.

Now after following the video tutorial, I was able to understand almost everything. The assignments which my tutor used to give me acted like DIY tasks for me, it enabled me to think on my own rather than spoon-feeding. The flutter documentation and the videos uploaded on their channel helped me of learning all the widgets. Concepts like a database with sqflite were tough to understand but doing regular practice gave me a hold of it.

Then I started a YouTube Channel, where I uploading my own videos on different UI concepts. The main aim of these videos was to increase my practice and inspire some other beginners to start with flutter. All the steps above helped me keep practicing flutter.

As a side project, I started to develop a news app. Making it was really fun and useful. I completed my project names as TEN News and uploaded it on google play store. The whole journey made me continuously learn new things related to flutter. Do check out my App from the Play Store: TEN News


So if you want to start learning flutter as a beginner the first and very important thing you need to know is the concept of OOP(Object Oriented Programming). For that, you can choose to learn C++ or any other programming language which came after it.

Now opt for a Flutter course. As mentioned above, paying for a course makes you keep going. So I would advise you to select a paid course.

Make sure that you follow a routine when learning from a course.

After your course is completed start developing small projects just for fun or start a YouTube channel to showcase your apps. You can even join people on Slack, Discord where people make a team and work on different projects. I had contributed to an open-source flutter project which helped me. I also learned that how the presentation of our code matters.

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Nice one Maadhav, thanks for sharing your journey. The Reddit Dart and Flutter groups are quite active and also at

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Thanks for your feedback.