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Streaming Content Suggestions!

Matthew Bland
C++ and Java are better than a relationship. 92 hours into a CS degree at Southern Arkansas University. Indie game developer with a focus on RPG's because life sucks and I want a better one.
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A while back someone inspired me to start streaming live coding sessions. I've always kinda toyed around with this idea but never really got into it, until now. I have the free time to start streaming reliably, so I need some ideas on what the community would prefer in terms of streaming platform (YouTube, Twitch, Mixer), frequency, length, project suggestions, and language preference (as the tags suggest I plan on focusing on Java and C++ until I learn Rust at which point I may switch to that).

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ArcticSpaceFox • Edited

A rust gemdoc file parser and graphql api. I really would like to see that and learn from it ✌️😁 maybe you can do that? Uh and youtube, is somwhow better and also mixer.

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Matthew Bland Author

I'll be sure to remember that for when I get to know rust better! And yea YouTube looks like the right choice because of its wide usage

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Nice, hope to see the stream comming