Useful Linux Security Tricks To Harden Your System

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In a previous post, we talked about Linux network commands and we saw some useful examples used to troubleshoot your network, today we will talk about some Linux security commands that you will need to harden your system.

New vulnerabilities are discovered a lot these days, exploits are immediately built on those vulnerabilities after being discovered.
1 Securing the Terminal
2 Change Your Password Always
3 sudo Notification
4 Securing SSH
5 Securing SSH Using Google Authenticator
6 Intrusion Detection with Tripwire (Monitoring Filesystem)
7 Using Firewalld
8 Returning to Iptables
9 Restricting the Compilers
10 Awesome Immutable Files (Prevent File Modification)
11 Managing SELinux with aureport
12 Using sealert Tool
Tahnks in advance.

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