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re: Has Stack Overflow Become An Antipattern? VIEW POST


As I agree with part of this, I think you are only complaining and alternative is a joke. I cannot find anything literally on even now. Amount of questions in the stack overflow is so humongous that it is not even possible that such tool like can be any alternative. For the argument that you cannot just start on StackOverflow because you loose as a new user is also a false statement. I had start to play with it about 3 years ago, and I just pushed hard on the beginning ( like 3k in the first year), now I have 8k+, not a big thing, but for sure it proves that you can start there and literally help a lot of devs. Also never felt that there are votes for users with better reputation.

Next point, no duplicated questions - this is a problem, but I dont see a way to maintain 1000+ questions like - how to convert number to string in JS.

No Down votes - this is a good point, and I agree, I had this situation few times, that for no reason I was knocked out by some minuses.

Stack has many problems, but they are social not technical ones. Yes, people answer mostly because of gamification, because they want to have nice scores. But this is normal, human are like that, they need some reward for the effort. Sorry I don't believe system without gamification will have any engagement from the community.

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