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My First Hacktoberfest


My name is Muhammad Adil. I am a Computer Science student currently pursuing my Bs CS degree from UET,Lahore. I am a passionate Front End developer(Vue.js) and Desktop Developer(C++).
I decided to join Dev Community because one of our DSC Leads told us that Dev Community is a social media platform for Developers and every developer should be a part of this community.


I have been coding for around two years now and still I was unaware of what Open Source is, untill last year in 2019 when I joined DSC(Developers Student Clubs) community and I came to know about Open-Sourcing and Github. I was very fascinated by the idea of sharing your code online and I started using Git and Github.


"I love coding, its my passion" but I hesitated to participate in the "Hacktoberfest 2019" and thought whether I am good enough to participate in the Event. Finally, this year I participated in the "Hactoberfest" and completed the challenge. This gave me the confidence to contribute more to the open-source community.


The contributions I made in this Hactoberfest are:

Thanks for this great experience.

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