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I began coding because...

My boyfriend is a PHP developer. I wanted to show him that I am as smart as he is :) So I started to learn from video tutorials and also took part in developers bootcamp. After five weeks of intense training I knew basics of HTML,CSS,JS, jQuery, SASS. It was NOT easy, finishing the course made me more proud of myself than even college graduation! After the bootcamp i took some more days off to upgrade my sklills. I found my first IT job as a Junior JavaScript Developer in... 7 days!

I'm currently hacking on...

... my beloved job at QuarticON.com - personalized product recomendation for e-commerce. Polish startup based in Warsaw Poland. Now as a team leader I am responsible for other Junior JS Devs. In my free time I am learning other JS frameworks/libraries.

I'm excited about...

I am not the only girl in the IT team in our company! However I was the first one but fortunately as Quartic is growing, other JS Dev girls joined us! Super DOPE! What is more as a junior JS I got so much support and knowledge from guys working there, that if ever will be an Oscar ceremony for Devs i will have a long list whom I am gratefull to (Michal & Piotr & Pawel & Marcin if you are reading this <3 :))

My advice for other women who code is...

My personal list of DO and !DO:

  1. do NOT underestimate your knowledge! I have seen that many of us are keeping ideas for themselves and being not sure if the idea is 'good enough'. Always is! Let your team speak about it! Just trust them.
  2. do your homework! The worst thing is to stop developing yourself. Try to learn a new thing (even a small one) everyday. Improve yourself.
  3. do NOT believe 'boys are better at math', there is no such a thing. 23rd pair of chromosomes XY is not responsible for math skills :)

Code long and prosper!


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