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Hidden Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development

madpparkar profile image Karl Parkar ・3 min read

Mobile apps have now become a key requirement of business offerings, rather than a frill, both for the customer and the organization. This has much to do with the exponential growth in mobility in general and the rising popularity of mobile apps. Mobile apps provide a major boost to a business’s productivity, efficiency, mobility, and security. This is why Custom Mobile App Development is such a boon to the organization.

A study conducted by Statista recently has shown that 22 percent of digital transactions were carried out through mobile devices in the USA. Google’s report corroborates this increase in this phenomenon that is generally known as “mobility”. Google found that 58 percent of all mobile users check prices and offers on their mobiles, and 66 percent of these make at least one purchase through their mobile every week. It is easy to see, therefore; just how influential the role of custom mobile app development has been in promoting mobility from the facts and figures given here.

Custom mobile app development can be used to create both customer-facing apps for which the demand is high in the market, as well as B2B applications and for the development of SaaS solutions for internal purposes of the business.

What is We Offering?

Custom mobile app development is the creation of software for use on mobile devices, which is tailored according to the requirements and specifications of the app developers of a company after careful consideration of customer's’ choices and preferences. The app developing team keeps the following in mind during the process: business goals, problems, and requirements. Custom mobile app development is distinctly different from COTS products, which are commercial, off-the-shelf products or services that can be bought or hired from a vendor or third party for use.

Custom mobile app development utilizes the rapid app development processes using a Low Code platform to build a mobile application that is customized to fit specific business needs. It is thus, beneficial to go the custom mobile app development way.

The Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development

High Degree of Efficiency:

Custom mobile app development enhances the efficiency of the overall app development process. The rapid app development platform gives you the flexibility that only a non-linear, non-waterfall approach can. Various stages of the process can be worked upon in tandem, and ideas and inputs from collaborators with varied skill sets can be incorporated at different times.


The returns on the company’s investment remain scalable and proportional throughout the lifespan of the mobile app. Custom mobile app development services can be obtained that give you great support in the form of guidance and even intervention. An effective strategy will help you scale your app according to how your business expands.

Acquiring Client Data:

Custom mobile app development does not limit you to a fixed set of fields to fill on the database in the way that COTS products do. You can acquire the exact data you need from customers to suit your business requirements. Apart from this being a discreet method of data collection, it saves users and app developers from the hassle of handling cumbersome files and attachments.

Tweet Your App as Required:

Using custom mobile app development allows you to tweak your mobile app based on changing market trends and meet consumer demands. This lets your business thrive amidst fierce competition. You can upgrade the app as required, and even test out the different functionalities in course of time.

Improved Customer Care:

With the help of custom mobile app development, you will be able to provide strong and consistent support to your clients. This is because a good rapid app development platform provider will consider the needs of your particular app development team. You will be able to give each of your customers a unique client journey through the length of their association with your custom mobile application.

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