How do you get back in 'the flow'?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

Haven't you been in the situation, where you come back from a vacation and you would not want to do anything thinking related, cause you were so used to calmness and peace of mind?

It's no secret our minds are lazy by default and will avoid thinking where possible, therefore, in order to be productive again, you have to kick-start your mind to get back in 'the flow'.

This state is best cited by Daniel Kahneman:

β€œA state of effortless concentration so deep that they lose their sense of time, of themselves, of their problems.”

What are your most effective methods on getting back into this 'productive mindset' again after longer periods of rest?


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Listening to the terminator soundtrack and thinking about money


Hahah, serious or not, proper music on headphones definitely helps get back focus for me, too :)