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How many domain names do you own?

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Currently, I only own 1 personal domain for my portfolio.

I also have some projects deployed on Github Pages, Netlify, and Vercel (using their free domain with their name in it) and I plan to buy a dedicated domain for some only if I see the future potential.

How many domain names do you own and how many of them do you actively use?

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Junxiao Shi • Edited

I have 3 paid domains: is the main website. It's registered in 2006.
To avoid cookie pollution, I avoid using its subdomains for public websites. redirects to the main website. It's registered in 2007. In the past, I separate Chinese and English pages on different domains, but stopped doing so around 2014. Some websites are still linking to this domain, so that I have to keep it.
Subdomains in * are being used internally for accessing devices in my house.
I plan to move some * sites to its subdomains. is newly registered in 2020 for my projects related to Named Data Networking. It's better than scattering around * and * subdomains.

I also have a few FreeNom domains for trolling purposes.

Around 2007-2010, I had and and for "investment", but nobody expressed interest so I let them expire.

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David Wheatley

I've got three, but one has just expired and I don't plan on renewing it.
My little "everything" domain. I use it for personal testing projects, as well as production sites. Junxiao Shi here has actually convinced me to buy another domain just for development purposes, so I'll have to work out what that will be.
A little personal project of mine that is as close to official as we'll get. This site scrapes the mobile network giffgaff's forum for service updates, and displays them to users. It also takes the discussion title and some of the body and generates a "outage rating" for each update.

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Michel Renaud

Only two. One for my web site and the only one is just "parked" and I use it for Google Apps only. I used to have a bunch of registered for my web site, but that was getting expensive and when they added even more possibilities, there was no point in trying to keep up.

So, both are actively used.

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Too many.

I own roughly...150 or so. Some of them quite valuable, actually. Have a few of them which have been appraised for $5-10k, and a handful at $10k+ (those that were professionally appraised). The domain market is all kinds of messed up the last few years though as URLs which would've demanded much higher prices in the last are now worth a lot less money, companies are far more willing to go with an alternative gTLD or even a ccTLD instead of the usual .com or far less frequent .net as they were in the past.

I only use very few of them. In fact, this post reminds me, I'll probably look into the process of selling some of them in the next few days, haha.

If anyone wonders, I used to be very into dropcatching (grabbing expiring domains as soon as they were re-made available for registration by the registrars) although this too has gotten almost impossible, 2 main companies control the entirety of that market now and 1 Chinese site in particular seems to have figured out some kind of way to manipulate the process to the extent that I've witnessed some things that on the surface at least, appear very shady, in the last 12-18 months. I wish this weren't the case as it used to be a kind of fun hobby. In the last 2 years I've only managed to grab maybe 2-3 cool dropping domains this way - 1 of them I am personally using and the other 2 I will sell one of them, probably not for much money either maybe I'll get $4-500 for it.

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I own zero domains, but tons of netlify urls and one heroku url

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Madza Author

Lol, I always spend like 10 mins to come up with an available one in Netlify πŸ˜€

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Gary Bell

Only 3 at the moment. One which is expiring soon, but the project it long since dead (it was a food blog).

The others are my blog website, blus a sandbox domain which I use to test things without the need to fiddle with my primary domain dns.

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So many ,I will mention some coding tutorials - I'm going to build a online community for coders with online compiler support

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Madza Author

If I'm not mistaken, I've heard of before πŸ˜‰

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Martin Eboh

I own (and it’s for sale) πŸ€“

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Bobby Iliev

About 20 or so for different side projects

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Only for personal blog

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Most sideprojects of mine start by claiming a domain name πŸ˜… So I have a few. I recently got rid of a bunch, so luckily it's not an awful lot anymore. Probably about 20 or so.