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What speakers do you use?

For those who love to listen to music while coding or even create your own music in free time, what speakers do you use?

I've heard a good feedback on KRK Rokit series and Mackie series.

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DanielStone785 • Edited

Headphones are the best option while coding. I can't enjoy it that much when it's through speakers. You just get distracted because you can still hear the outside sounds. I have sony headphones that have noise cancellation option and that is really good because you can really get concentrated. I use them for everything and when I need real speakers, which is not that often, I just get them from PA hire surrey. They have great options and if you need something for a party they will always deliver. It is great to have that kind of service.

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kristian • Edited

I use headphones when working. However, I use Sonos 1's for general music and podcasts around the house. They are expensive but definitely worth it.