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What's your favorite payment API?

The massive growth of digital payments has made sending and receiving money convenient, fast, and affordable, thanks to online payment providers like Paypal, Square and Stripe.

What's your go-to API when it comes to implementing payment functionality in your app and why?

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Gregory Witek

I've used a couple of global gateways on top of the mentioned ones:

  • Adyen ( - they power some big brands like Uber or Spotify; they have good documentation and support a lot of payment methods (I used them because Stripe did not offer some types of credit cards fro non-US companies at that time)

  • Braintree - they have pretty intuitive API and I enjoyed implementing it (it was a couple years back though); on the other hand they belong to Paypal, and if you've ever had problems with Paypal practices, you can expect the same

I think if I could choose the API purely on the developer experience, Stripe would win. However usually costs and support for regional payment methods are more important, so I only have a chance to make a decision when it's for my own projects ;)

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Ramesh Elaiyavalli

It all depends on your needs.

We chose Stripe. They have excellent support in the following areas.

1) Well supported payment options: We are US based biz. Mostly Visa/ Master/ Amex. Other vendors may offer more payment methods.

2) API integration - Stripe has a top-notch API that is extremely well-documented. Their smart payment pages and flex UI kits make integration very simple and fully brandable.

3) Dunning - If you do not know what this is, look it up. Extremely important for any growing company. Stripe's dunning support is solid.

4) Fraud prevention - Stripe Radar has a ton of fraud vectors analyzed each day and their services modified and hardened constantly.

5) Chargeoff and Disputes - Solid platform to fight and win disputes.

6) Reporting and analytics - Stripe Sigma allows you to issue SQL queries on your data. We tried this 2 years back. Did not feel this was mature at that point. Things could have changed now.

7) PCI - Every payment gateway offers some form of PCI compliance by handling credit card processing on their end. Stripe's compliance policies are well documented and easy to perform both internal and external audits.

As you can see, there is a LOT more to evaluating payment gateway than simply the API. You may want to carefully decide what features, business process and compliance needs your platform needs and then decide the vendor based on your needs.

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Arturs Smirnovs

I have had experience with Stripe and PayPal..

I like stipe a lot.. :) Really nice api and sdk.. + features are so many that should fit everybody's needs..

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Nowadays I started using Paddle, They are growing and started taking off!