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MageAnts Magento 2 Customer Approval

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The Magento 2 Customer Approval extension helps the store owners in managing the customer registrations by allowing them to approve or reject a new registration over their website. This ensures in preventing spam and fake registrations, enabling only genuine customers to venture into the store.

Key Features

Enable to approve or reject a new registration manually
Unlike the default customer activation in Magento 2, this extension provides an option to approve or disapprove any new registration that happens over the Magento store.

The admin can verify the customer details and choose whether to grant the customer access to the site or not.

Allow email notifications for Customers and Admins as well
Using this extension of Magento 2 for account approval, the admin can opt to receive email notifications or send emails to the customers in regard to the registrations.

The admin gets notified by an email every time a new registration is done. Whereas the customers are notified via emails when their registrations are approved or rejected by the admin.

The admin can also configure the templates for email notifications of approval or rejection as per the need.

Display pending or rejected messages to the customers
The extension displays a ‘pending’ message after the customer creates a new account. If that customer registration is disapproved by the admin then the customer will be shown a ‘rejected’ message when the user tries to sign in.

In addition, the admin can easily customize and edit what message to display for each scenario, just as they want.

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