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Maggie Wenz
Maggie Wenz

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Nevertheless, Maggie Coded

I began coding because...

Because when I first started out working in digital media, I quickly realized that "being good at Facebook" wasn't a very good selling point. I was forced to teach myself a lot of different things to make myself into the 'renaissance woman' of digital media that I am today.

I do...

A bunch of different things besides web dev. I build still graphics and gifs, design print assets, and dabble in social media content management. I thoroughly enjoy finding ways to push the limit of our new CMS as well :)

My favorite thing about coding...

As someone who enjoys learning and comprehending different languages in general, the functionality of code language takes it to a whole other level. It sounds simple, but I always find it fun to make something out of naught but symbols, letters, and numbers.

I'm excited about...

Expanding my catalogue of programming languages, especially since I've just found a local coding meetup group.

I'm also looking forward to women in STEM eventually taking over the world ahem.

My advice for other women who code is...

Just keep going after it. Don't be afraid to create, and don't get frustrated if you don't know everything there is to know...because there's always more to learn!

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