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Mahdi Hsoumi
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Lear React.js typescript tdd road map

Hi guys i am fullstack web developer i used vue.js for 3 years and lately i started comparing everything i do with react. For example this month i started a new project with vue3 and firebase i looked for some helper library i found vuefire but it uses vue 2 and firebase 7, current version vue 3 firebase 9 and have so many issues and not so active compared to reactfire where it's already supporting firebase 9. And more importantly i did a huge mistake in my career i didn't focus on improving and do code testing, writing with typescript, contributing, and i want to make a radically change. So i decided to switch to react and learn typescript and learn TDD and start contributing and i don't know where to start. I am sure many people are facing the same issue and wanting to improve like me if any one to join me on this journey it will be great, and if there are someone who can mentor us or provide some road map and resources it will be awesome.

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Reza Bozorgi

Using React with Typescript is awesome.
TDD is a software development methodology which should be used properly and wisely. First, It might be more usefull when you're working on medium or large project whitin a team. Second, it's not reasonable to start every single unit with TDD.
Although, there are bunch of testing tooling, knowing React testing library and Cypress would be enough for testing.