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About Me

Hello, my name is Julie.

I want to start by introducing myself and why I started my journey into the tech world. To start off with, I am a nerd, like most in this industry. My whole family are nerds, so I come by it honestly, although my family has many different types of nerds and I would be the first to get into programming. I'm from Texas, and my motto is "Go big, or go home." My motto may be a little bit of an ultimatum, but it's what propels me to continue moving forward and succeed. I have another saying that I also use, but not as much, which is "It doesn't hurt to try." I get motivation here as well, because it can be daunting when stepping into uncharted territory, but what's important is trying first?

I began learning code when I was in high school. I took a class called "Web Design" where I learned the basics of HTML and CSS. I enjoyed that class so much. I was always one or more steps ahead of the pace the class was set at, and I had many pet-projects on the side where I played around with the things I learned. I seemed to be the most enthusiastic one out of my class, to the point where I was the teacher's pet. I felt a little alone despite being in a class of 30. The rest of the class seemed to treat the assignments begrudgingly, while I was a glutton who wanted to learn as much as possible. At the time there wasn't a class after which to continue my education in coding, so I put it aside and moved on.

After which, I graduated High School and went on to College. I ended up focusing on learning Linguistics, Anthropology, and Japanese. I had enjoyed all of the classes and topics I learned about in College, but I had completely forgotten about coding and how much I had enjoyed learning it. It wasn't until after I had graduated and was trying to find my calling, with little success, that it came like an epiphany. A spark of a moment that came out of nowhere, I remembered about coding and my love for it. I felt a little disappointed that I had forgotten so completely about something I enjoyed so much. I also felt excited because my gut was telling me that this might be it, the thing I had been searching for all these years, what I wanted to invest myself in and pursue as my career.

Now that I have graduated from College and working towards making my career, I thought that now was the opportune moment to try to get back into coding and to go into programming. It felt like fate, and I went with my gut decision to go for it. I haven't had a single important life decision where I went with my gut that I have regretted. If anything, my deep love of Linguistics and anything Language, which I explored in College, can propel me forward and be applied to tech as well. Because what is a programming language but just another language.

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Thomas Bnt

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