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Why You Shouldn't Use Wix for Your Adult Website

Why not to use Wix
Being the CEO of a responsible turnkey solutions company, many client often ask me this question – How to start an adult site? It’s appalling that even experienced business analysts who are into adult consulting fail to provide genuine answers to this question.

Adult web masters are not interested in hiring web and API developers to get their adult site built. I agree, the conventional and age-old approach of designing, configuring, building and launching websites is not financially feasible. More importantly, it’s an extremely time-consuming process.

But choosing wrong site builders such as Wix is detrimental. Wix has some amazing themed templates. Every month, web masters need to pay a price. To a few webmasters, Wix is affordable. To others, it isn’t. You should know why not to use Wix for your adult website.

Adult websites built by using DIY (Do It Yourself) site builders such as Wix attract little traffic.

Let’s understand the reasons. Read on.

Search Engine Optimization

There are more than 5 million adult websites on the web. If you use DIY site builders, your adult tube site becomes a needle in a haystack.

Wix has a terrible URL hierarchy. Website page names aren’t legible. More importantly, they aren’t search engine friendly and search engine readable.

To chase bigger glories on the web, you should meticulously handle on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Without having access to website code, it’s impossible to continuously monitor your adult website for potential SEO issues.

Website builders such as Wix hide code from web masters. Wix provides ridiculously laughable recommendations such as employing 301 re-directs to enhance findability on Google. This is one of those recommendation with loads of insignificance and zero merit.

DIY website builders like Wix use visual editors. There’s a lot of unnecessary code. There’s a lot of redundant and abundant HTML code which is potentially detrimental to adult SEO.

Let me emphasize again - If you do NOT have complete control of your website, you cannot build SEO friendly adult websites.


Wix websites use Flash technology. Flash is obsolete. It’s dead and right from amateurs to professionals, nobody is trying to revive this not-so adult content friendly technology. Flash is good for animations and games. But it’s a terrible choice for adult websites.

Flash doesn’t let adult webmasters create crawl-able content. Adult SEO is incomplete, sketchy and patchy without crawl-able content.


No doubt, templates are amazing and eye-catchy. But your website will be restricted to the templates that Wix offers. There’s a big lot of ignorant and naïve adult webmasters using the same templates. As a result, there’s a strong resemblance.

Let me tell you – Wix has more than 90 million users. Unsurprisingly, all the 90 million users use the same designer-made templates provided by Wix.

Audiences are likely to be bored. There’s no difference. There’s no innovation in site design.

It’s easy to choose a template from a group of templates. This approach may work for blogs. It may work for jewelry business. It may work for an online fashion portal. Definitely, it doesn’t work for adult tube sites.

Limited Pages

Wix websites often contain limited number of pages. This can be attributed to the fact that Wix offers only one web page for the lowest plan. This is a bad practice in many ways.

For all intents and purposes, a website should contain more than a single web page. Authoritative adult tube sites contain more than a thousand web pages.

As a matter of fact, higher the number of web pages, the better the internet traffic is. Website content is a function of the number of web pages. People love content – be it images, text, videos etc. Google loves content. Search engines love content. You are limiting your earning potential by limiting your content.


Wix hosts your content. This is a pain point. When you have a WordPress site or a Silverstripe blog, there are a bundle of web hosting companies wanting your money to host your content.

Of course, not every web hosting company is good. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are exceptionally great. Some are adult content friendly. Some aren’t.

When you build your Wix website, you cannot opt for third party web hosting services. This is a major limitation with almost all DIY site builders.

This major limitation brings me to the next point. It’s not possible even remotely to transfer / migrate your data from Wix to other platforms.

This isn’t a sustainable strategy in the long run. So, what’s the solution? Adult CMS

User Experience

Great user experience can multiply your sales in no time. Bad user experience can dismiss your adult tube site into oblivion. Adult tube sites should be built on standard prototypes. User flows should be established. CTAs (Call to Action) should be incorporated.

Site architecture should be horizontally scalable. Sales funnel should be scientific. Otherwise, user experience will be terrible. Bad user experience will result in poor customer engagement.

To be upfront, Wix websites are lazy bones. User experience is bad if not terrible.


Wix hosts several thousands of websites on the same server. This can be a huge problem. Picture this scenario for a minute. If someone were to hack the server, every single website hosted on the server will be compromised. The very thought of hard-earned money going down the drain sends shudders.

In essence, there are many drawbacks with Wix. Is there a way around? Yes!
Get yourself the best adult CMS (Content Management System). Make no mistake – Adult CMS and DIY website builders are like chalk and cheese. They are different in many ways.

Adult site CMS tools let you create adult content friendly sites. You can monitor your site code. In other words, you have complete control of your site code. As a result, on-page SEO can be improved. Off-page SEO can be taken to the next best level, all thanks to built-in SEO features.

There are no restrictions or limit on the number of web pages. You can host your adult content on third party servers. As a matter of fact, you can migrate your content from adult hosting platform to another.

Payments are facilitated through adult merchant friendly payment gateways such as CCBill, Epoch, etc. More importantly, transactions are secure.

You can either go with a shared hosting plan or a dedicated hosting plan. It’s left to your discretion. Adult CMS platforms have custom made templates which are far better than pre-made templates. Audiences are intelligent than they appear. They very well know the difference a pre-made template and custom-made template.

Adult site CMS tools do not have redundant code. There are hardly any bad HTML elements. In conclusion, adult CMS tools are recommended.

Found this post on Why you shouldn’t use Wix for your adult website informative? Let us know your thoughts. If you have any questions, drop a comment or two. We shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for informative content. Cheers!

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Ibrahim Imran • Edited

Sorry but Wix wasn't made for adult websites. It was make for small businesses and people who just want a website.

Wix has alot more than what your saying if you stayed with Wix you could of discovered Wix editor or Wix app market.

Those are the key categories to Wix without those your website won't turn out good

Which is obviously what happened to you.

Sincerely Ibrahim From TGD Dev