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successfully completed Hacktoberfest2020! 🥳🥳

✨Hello guys happy to share with you that I successfully completed the challenge! ✨

So this Manal BENCHRIF future engineer in SI & Big data. 2020 was my first years with open source. During this year I create my first github account , contribute and discover DEV community.

I'm not new in coding, but I'm new in open source .It's a little weird, I know hahaha

Thank to Hacktoberfest I made my first contribution, then second, 3,4... of course in future I will contribute more and more

First, I contribute in a basic project. To learn how to merge... then I contribute in a website, an html page...

Frankly Hacktoberfest was a great experience for me. And of course I will participate next year and help people to participate too.

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