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About Me

Hi! I am Manali Biswas. I am new to the DEV community as I joined it during Hacktoberfest this month. I am a Computer Engineering student at Delhi Technological University. This year, I heard a lot about Hacktoberfest, with all the messages floating on social media. After understanding that its a celebration for open source, I decided to dump my laziness and go make at least 4 PRs!


Before this, I had participated in GirlScript Summer of Code 2020. That was my first experience of participating in a large-scale open source coding. I learned a lot of things that time, like making a pull request and contributing to node.js web applications. I like to make web applications (MERN stack) and have started exploring ML now.


To be honest, I started off Hacktoberfest as a pastime. But then, I realized that I can try out something new and create something that I will love to look back to. So, I have started working on a Productivity web app, in which I will be exploring some calendar APIs. So far, I have integrated Google Calendar API and made a webpage to enable the user to set up timers. My Hacktoberfest is complete for this year and I have ordered my swag too!


I have contributed to a DS-ALGO repo by adding stack and queue stl C++. In that, I have made a program using many of the stl functions provided for queue and stack. There were some things which I learned, e.g., emplace function. Apart from that, I made the timer and Google Calendar API integrations to my productivity app, and added some styling.


Overall, my Hacktoberfest 2020 was good, I learned some things and it was a good experience. I did not have much idea of Hacktoberfest before, and now that I do, I think it is a great initiative. It is highly encouraging to see such fests, because open source gives birth to a lot of new ideas. I would love to participate again, and contribute to open source!

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