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Updating my website


Since I've made my website, I've been thinking of why I've made it that way. It's a Node.js server, running on Heroku, which uses Express for serving, and runs EJS to do the server-side rendering. I made it this way, because, let's be honest, that was the only one I knew how to use enough to make a very simple website like that.
Saying that I've regretted that is a large understatement. So logically, if it kinda sucks, we gotta make it better.


I'm planning to use Firebase's hosting solution, with React, using Create React App. I know, I'm dumb, because making a static site using React is not performant, and others, and yeah I really don't have an excuse here, only that I want to learn React, and I think this would be a great exercise. I'd also like to keep something like the old site's API, which should be easy, but it does require code to be run on the server or the client, to fetch the API, and since the server is only doing hosting it'll have to run on the client, making React a pretty good fit.

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Micah Lindley

Make sure you don't get caught up in the "oh, I need a framework for everything" mindset - it helps you forget the basics of what you already learned and makes you less productive. 😊

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Louis Low

You really need a complete overhaul. Good luck!

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