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Discussion on: What is the balance between learning and posting content?

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I don't think creating online content is mandatory to become a big player in the industry. It generally just leads to more exposure which means you might become somewhat of an online celebrity and that might help during your job search but that's it.

That doesn't mean I'm against creating content at all but I do believe that your content creation should at the very least serve you. The online content I've written is either a summary of something very important I have learned or a tutorial on something I've had to figure out and lost a lot of time because of it. I sometimes go back to my own content if I haven't done something in a while because it is an instant refresher and saves me a lot of time.

Live streaming is a whole other beast compared to blogposts. Unless you have a great setup and are used to talking through your thought process while coding at all times, it will be very hard to deliver any meaningful content. I have found some enjoyable dev streams but most of them just aren't that great. But all of that is just my personal opinion.

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Tharun Shiv Author

Great insights and perspective. Thank you for sharing them :)