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Discussion on: Was I a Developer or an Engineer?

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I guess this is one of those debate prompts that pops up every now and then. Software Developering might not be a thing, but Software Development definitely is!

I think it's good to keep in mind not everybody who develops software can apply engineering principles. I don't study computer science and my masters also won't be in computer science. However I have worked as webdev at an agency and can apply basic engineering principles. I see myself as a developer because I can create software but lack a lot of the general engineering skills.

A lot of people genuinely don't care about their official title, and to be fair I don't really care either. The difference between development and engineering in software are pretty hard to identify. I think software design, algorithmic thinking and knowledge about performance optimisation are expected of engineers but not always from developers.

Hopefully you're doing great here in holland 😁

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Mehmet Aydin Bahadir Author

Thanks 😊 I'm doing more than great at the beautiful Netherlands. To be honest, I do not care about the title at all too, but it looks like the industry does.